• The Plate Licked Clean

    I do enjoy a good food-related pun. Canton's 'The Codfather' chippy. Karl's Burgers, just off Ocean Way, and their nod to a certain Danish lager's telltale font. And you'd have to have a heart of stone to ignore the brilliance of Bristolian mobile kebab outlet Jason Donervan.

    Which brings us to The Meating Place. This is a prime site for that crucial footfall traffic on St Mary Street, rubbing shoulders with The Grazing Shed and Pieminister. There's no cigar for guessing what the priorities are on this menu- although you can order a cigar to luxuriate in that post-meat-and-red-wine satiety.

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  • Cardiff Now

    “Dark, rough-hewn timbers are weathered by age: it's an immediately homely place, lit by candles for a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. We try a couple of bottled pale ales while we choose: we are in the mood for meat but not necessarily steak, although the range of cuts here is extremely tempting. A superhuman effort prevents us ordering the Chateaubriand.”

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  • Travel, Truths and Views

    “I do love it when you can order a steak knowing it is going to be great, and the Meating Place didn’t disappoint. It was for Tom’s 20th Birthday, and his family came down to Cardiff for the day....”

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  • Its On Cardiff

    "Change is good. It shakes things up and injects new blood into a team and helps it move forward. In the case of The Meating Place, they’ve gone and got themselves a new General Manager, plus a brand new Head Chef at the helm in kitchen, who are driven by a deep love and passion for their product, their jobs and for each other.

    Husband and wife team, Steve and Roxanne Guinee may be new but they are already making their mark on the St Mary Street restaurant with a brand new menu that includes mouthwatering dishes such as seared scallops served with grilled fennel and chorizo, venison served with wild mushrooms, fondant potato and a berry sauce, as well as a wood pigeon salad garnished with pancetta and blackberries."

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  • Quench Magazine

    Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of St Mary’s Street, The Meating Place is the ideal location for slightly lost tourists who have just stumbled off the train at Cardiff Central and equally, city locals looking to explore the contemporary grill house cuisine that the restaurant promises. Emma Giles gives us the lowdown…

    Showcasing a meat-centred menu comprising of various steak cuts, hanging skewer dishes and other carnivorous dishes, it stays true to its contemporary grill house label. Along with the more predictable menu appearances, there is also an interesting choice of swordfish and venison, thus diversifying the traditional grill restaurant experience. While there is a reasonable amount of choice for the carnivores amongst us, vegetarians are left with limited choice. But, what else would you expect from a restaurant titled ‘Meating Place’? In terms of delivering a grill house style meal with a contemporary sophisticated edge, ‘The Meating Place’ surely delivers…

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  • It's On Cardiff

    If your stomach’s grumbling and you’ve got meat on the mind, your best bet to satisfy that yearning for a succulent steak or a gourmet burger is The Meating Place.

    Having made its home in the centre of the busy St. Mary Street, the contemporary grill house menu boasts the likes of a 30oz T-Bone, plus hanging skewers of charcoal grilled meats, but now their menu is currently witnessing an overhaul...

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  • Buzz Magazine

    By the not enormously radical standards of Cardiff dining, The Meating Place started life with a few locally unique attributes. When the restaurant opened a few months ago, its two main hooks - pun, if you’ll be patient, intended - were serving weekend breakfast between midnight and 5am, and hanging various kinds of grilled animal on skewers over your table. Both these things are still the case when Buzz attends its menu relaunch, but the menu is now less explicitly pitched at, well, the sort of people who’d go along to a restaurant called ‘The Meating Place...

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  • Love To Dine

    It’s rare for me to blog about the same place twice, especially so soon after my first review, but our second visit to Cardiff’s The Meating Place last night deserves a special mention.

    We really enjoyed our last visit (my first and Mr W’s second) where we tried their speciality hanging meat skewers, and decided to go again. This time, we sampled a starter of wild mushrooms, poached egg, hollandaise and sourdough toast, followed by a sirloin steak (me) and one of the specials, rack of lamb with cassoulet (Mr W). Sadly no photos, as at this stage I wasn’t planning to blog about the visit, but suffice to say the food was excellent, particularly my steak, which came with divine thick cut chips and deliciously sweet, crispy onion rings...

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  • Food & Drink Magazine

    Launched in October 2011, The Meating Place constitutes The Chameleon Group’s latest venture. In the heart of Cardiff city centre this venue offers casual, relaxed dining at great value. The lunchtime menu starts at £3.95 with clam, chorizo and butterbean broth, and also includes open gourmet sandwiches with delicious fillings...

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  • Gourmet Gorro

    The Meating Place occupies the former site of Porto’s on St Mary’s Street and they’ve done one hell of job updating the old tatty place. Retaining the dark wood beams and furniture of Porto’s they’ve transformed the restaurant through the use of a few well placed mirrors, a scattering of spotlights, a white washing of the walls and the odd black & white photo...

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  • Eat Cardiff

    The recent turfing-up of Cardiff’s ‘second street’ (it’s always been number two to Queen Street) will undoubtedly do St. Mary Street’s businesses a world of good. What was once a crumbling, ageing and near desperate-looking part of Cardiff, which culminated in the sale of the legendary Howells department store and the multitude of ‘convenience’ stores like Tesco and Spar, in addition to the closing of staple nightclub venues Liquid and Life; this part of town was facing oblivion. As the Hayes received a breath of new life and Queen Street surviving the St David’s 2 shopping development, you’d be forgiven for believing there is now little reason to step foot on St. Mary Street.

    However, there is in fact one little reason why you should. The Meating Place was once a Portuguese restaurant named Porto, believed to be independent, it eventually made way for a Chameleon Group venue, a small restaurant business which can claim one of Cardiff’s most in-demand eateries, The Potted Pig. Before stepping foot inside, amidst the mid-evening darkness of February, The Meating Place’s glowing lanterns in its façade are rather striking, with their collective humble glow inviting passers-by to its warmth.

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  • Whats for Dinner

    It’s my birthday tomorrow, and as I’ll be working in the evening we went out for a birthday meal tonight with my parents and my not-so-little-anymore brother. I’d heard good things about the Meating Place, and it’s part of Cardiff’s Chameleon Group (which also includes the Vulcan Lounge and the North Star, both of which we haunt regularly) so it seemed the perfect choice for a celebratory meal.

    The decor is quirky and atmospheric and the staff were great: friendly but unobtrusive. We had the place to ourselves to start but it quickly began to fill up. They have a simple and pared-down menu with free-range meat sourced from local suppliers: all good....

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